(Our physical services are currently suspended due to COVID-19)

Sunday Worship Experience
Sunday In-house Services: 10AM  | Must register to attend in-house services.
(masks are required, social distanced seating and temp checks)
8235 Vicar Dr., San Antonio, TX 78218

Sunday Online Service: 10AM on YouTube
Midweek Nights
On Tuesdays at 7:30PM on Facebook we shake things up a bit with our mid-week refresher. This is a time for you to dive deeper into the bible, come closer in fellowship, and receive that midweek "pick me up".

2nd Tuesday: School of The Gifts
(Activation and study of spiritual gifts, including healing, prophecy, deliverance, etc.)
3rd Tuesday: Ready, Set, Bloom! (a service for women only)
4th Tuesday: Corporate Prayer (5PM-8PM, every hour on the hour)
5th Tuesday: Whole University
(Nights of discussion that speak to the whole person. Topics range from being single, to the process of grief, to the truths of co-parenting. There is something for everyone.)


Are we perfect? Absolutely, not! But we do try to extend as much love, happiness, and compassion to one another. When you step foot on the property, we do our best to show our pearly whites and make you feel welcome. Everyone says it, but we truly mean it, "We are happy to see you". Our first time guests are VIP (very important people).
We proudly rock our t-shirts here! Yes, yes, you will see the occasional suit and tie, but for the most part we like to be comfortable and casual. Feel free to dress casually as we do.
You will hear a mixture of upbeat music and slower tunes during our service. We must say that we have a lot of energy! If you scan the room you will see plenty of people lifting their hands, dancing, smiling, and singing aloud. Feel free to do the same. And we understand that not everyone is the same, and that's ok. Be free to lift your heart in the way that you choose.